Twin Lakes Area Community Emergency Response Team
Baxter County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was formed by citizens of the communities and workplaces in Baxter County who want to better prepare for the hazards that threaten our communities. Our Mission is to do the most good for the greatest number of people by extending the capabilities of response organizations to minimize loss of life and damage to property. Our Goal is to prepare ourselves, our families, our neighbors, workplaces and our communities-at-large because disasters may overwhelm emergency response resources. Before a disaster, Baxter County CERT will focus on emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation. In response to a disaster, Baxter County CERT may operate directly, or assist responders, in activities to save or sustain lives and protect property. Baxter County CERT will also strive to become known as a trusted volunteer resource that can actively support the response community in many ways, such as helping with community Safety Projects and preparing our neighborhoods and workplaces. Baxter County CERT will be a well organized, well trained and well managed volunteer group providing highly affective critical support activities. The safety of everyone is our number one priority.